Denim is just one of those trends that will stay on the scene. I mean, what is life without denim? Like others, I have such a love for it and definitely love the denim on denim look with some switch ups obviously.

This look is quite interesting to me because I put it together with all second hand items and the fact that I wore my fave mom jeans.

What are Mom Jeans?

Well, simply put, there are a form of jeans originating from way back, mostly high waste, sometimes of a lose fit and show a bit more of your behind.

Guys!! I got this pair in the street and I had been looking for so long for a pair, wow I was so happy. My pair has a lose fit which is quite relaxing,

Paired them up with a denim shirt I got from Jack, I love this shirt hey…Quite baggy as well. It has the BF shirt vibes going on. Just for fun I wore this look with some Coral heels that my best Ethel got for me. What a way to rock the streets! What say you guys?



Coral for the win!!
Denim on Denim

In the streets!


Shirt- Hand me down from a friend

Mom Jeans- Thrifted

Heels- Gift from Ethy

Shade- Still need to return them to my dear friend Pam

So what’s your take on mom jeans? How would you rock a denim on denim…flares, ripped jeans, straight leg? Tell us in the comment section


So Much Love…..



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