Skincare is very important, especially in this season of the cold. I am sure nobody wants to walk aroud with dry skin that is peeling. This was exactly my situation a few months ago and my makeup would not even sit properly. Well, I decided to put the situation under control and got the Neutrogena Hydro Plus range .


The Range

Step 1:Water Gel

This wash is from the gods , I love using it Just a bit and you have a whole lot of lather. It feels amazing on the skin as well. Have you ever used a wash that makes you feel dry after washing your face, done too any of those. This one leaves it soft I promise.


The  2ND step is the micellar water. Take a few cotton pads and wipe off the dirt off your skin. To be honest  I actually use it unless I have had a full face of makeup.

The Trio

So finally to moisturize the  I apply this amazing gel.Feels so soft and does not have a scent that is too strong. The texture is gel like as well.

I have been enjoying some good skin lately ad it no longer peels off and my makeup sits better.

Never compromise on your skin care. Buy what makes the skin happy and you definitely will be a happier human as well.


So Much Love….


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