Growing up with older sisters hand me downs have always been a norm. Clothes did not always have to be new. I always admired my sister’s style and we finally became the same size.I tell you life has never been the same! It has been a come up. We love thrifting and today I want to tell a story about it.

My Story…

So I was in my second year of uni and sitting in the Library. A friend of mine came through, sad “hello” and sat opposite me. Okay so I continued with what I was doing. All of a sudden he just started going on about my shirt printed Georgia on it. He started shouting about the fact that I buy second hand stuff, that I cannot afford cool kid clothes like others. Okay… this was a shock to me because firstly I was not talking to him about what I was wearing and I did not understand why he had to shout about that. Secondly, it was not as if I had ever denied that I thrift. I was sooo confused.

More than anything I did not understand what his issue was, I just kept quiet and not reply. Toxic people, from the way he treated he I decided we were not friends! That was it.


To be honest, my sister and I love thrifting because it’s fun, we get original pieces at great prices! Exclusives! We are also recycling hey, from one person to another.

I am not ashamed! I am proud of it! Why deny it?

It is not other people’s cup of tea, and honestly that is okay. Be proud of your choices and who you are!

Channeling the cool kid in me


Okay enough of the serious stuff!

Hehe! I channeled my cool kid look and did it in a skirt.Hints of denim and the fave leopard print in there. What do you guys think?



Tshirt – Thrifted (Same one I got teased for)

Jacket- Thrifted

Skirt- MRP

Shoes – The Fix’

Shades Р Spitfire

Purse- Clearouts


I had wanted to do the piggy tails for the longest time and found them fitting for this particular look. Tell us what you think of thrifting in the comment section.



So Much Love…..


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