Pleated skirts are back in style and you do not want to miss out on this trend I tell you. I decided to do a post on Pleats for the working girl, I mean you need to have fun at work too right?

Yes! So this skirt is a keeper and I decided to pair it with a pink cashmere crop which I took from my cousin Tsungi’s closet. I haven’t returned it yet still. haha!

So this look is cute, soft an formal as well.



Top- Tsungi’s closet

Skirt- MRP

Shoes- The Fix

Bag- Forever New


So you don’t have to do the pleats in black or in a skirt. Do whatever you want, it can be a metallic skirt, a grey one or even a bold color and the length can vary as well. I also love pleated tops.I will do a post one one very soon, be sure to be on the look out hey.

So till then, look for something that tickles your fancy.

So Much Love


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