Style is an individual thing, it can be similar to that of another but I think it is good to have your own feel to outfits.Over the years I think my style has evolved, you know the usual teenage stuff  when you look like every class mate. Then comes the University phase when you just try too hard to create a look for your lecture and having to keep up. Well!

Child….I am so grateful. I have become that girl that wears what she wants and feels comfortable in it. So simple, I know what I like, what suits me and I fully understand my body shape. It really helps when I am buying clothes or shoes.


To be honest with you, there is only a few closets that I admire, one of them being Cathy’s (my eldest sister) and well a few others. For quite a while I had been admiring Vuyo‘s closet, a blogger as well. You can check out her blog HERE!

Imagine how excited I was when I heard from my cousin that she was having a sale for her clothing items!😬 I could buy half the things there but had to be an adult and spend like there is tomorrow.


I still cannot explain the face I had!


I had been looking for this style of pants, a masculine vibe, not too tight and of great quality. Look at me now, got the exact pair by chance and it worked extra good with the heels.

This look could also go well with brogues of a different color though just to add life.


Top- Clearouts

Pants and Shoes- Vuyo’s Closet

Belt- Thrifted

So what do you guys think about this look?

Let us know in the comment section! So keen to know how you feel about this style of pants.


So Much Love….


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6 thoughts on “Finding Your Style | The Grey and Black.”

  1. Ahhhh thanks babe those pants looked amazing on you the day you put them on and you look amazing ❤️ You’re working the look from head to toe Mama

  2. Awesome look and piece there. Definitely you do understand your shape and hence your style shines on you. You nailed it always on point Nesu. Keep sharing and shining.

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