Elsie is that girl that plans outfits a night before a shoot and ends up wearing something totally different! Weird I know, but I am just spontaneous like that I guess.This what happened with this look, had planned something totally different and came across this pastel skirt. First time actually wearing it and had so much fun in it.

Had a totally different idea for this post and it changed as I typed this.Today I saw a Facebook status update from my former lecturer that touched my heart. Basically she was talking about how we sometimes see ourselves as failures but in actual fact it is the small achievements that make up a big achievement.

Lately I have been in that  space where sometimes I feel like there is nothing much happening in my life. Only after that post did I realize that I have certain things to be grateful for, my small achievements.

For starters, this website. It is a success for me, a step ahead towards my dream! Have been trying out this adulting this for the past 6 months, it definitely isn’t smooth but we are still going. I got my undergrad degree in Media, record time too! Actually I could go on and on with these small things, but bottom line is we must look into our lives and be grateful, we are capable of so much more!


Let’s now talk about this look! I paired the mini with a favorite blouse of mine and some cream sandals. Quite neat and easy.


Top- Woolworths

Skirt- MRP

Shoes- Superbalist

It was so much fun shooting this look with Siya. What do you guys think? Also what are you grateful for? Tell us in the comment section below.


So Much Love….


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  1. Congrats on your degree! There are a number of points in your post that I agree with. It is important to be grateful for the little things. A lot of times, we look at what others have and don’t realise how much we have as well!

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