Wardrobe building can be a stressful thing, wondering how, where and when to buy stuff always. Lucky for you, this blog post puts it into easy points and if you are not satisfied, just email me and we can sort out your wardrobe!

Okay, so what are the basics when building a wardrobe?

1. Quality

Guys, I cannot stress this enough, “cheap things are expensive!” Yes, cheap things are expensive. This simply means that when you don’t buy quality items, you will not be satisfied or you will go back to the store a few months down the line to purchase the exact same thing.It is better to buy high-quality things that last longer. Check out my other post on quality here.

2. Form and Function

This is simple logic. The clothes that you buy should be functional in terms of fit, comfortability and looks. I don know about you but I love being comfortable in my clothes and shoes, I cannot be constantly adjusting myself and all that.

3. Versatility

one of the most important things when building a wardrobe is to go with versatile pieces. Like tops that work for both casual and formal looks. It is possible and its all in putting together clothes. A pencil skirt is something yu can wear to work or even go out in, depends on the top and shoe you wear with. So versatility ladies!

4. Personal Style

Ever heard someone say “Oh I saw this other top and it’s not what I like but it’s so YOU!” Yes, whether you know it or don’t, everyone has a personal style or personality that comes out through what you wear. Sometimes personal styles really need change, I used to watch HOW DO I LOOK and wow some of the styles made really outrageous wardrobes.

If you need a style makeover too just contact me! lol


So I loved putting this look together! Some vintage typa vibe and chilled as well. This is my mother’s blouse that I took some time agoAs usual, I had been wondering what to wear with it and all this time these pants were in my closet. For those that always ask, I bought the pants at Woolworths in Port Elizabeth.

The last point when it comes to building a wardrobe is you need some unique pieces in there maybe a top or a bag that just stands out. I have loads of those and this shirt is one of them.

So how do we rate this outfit?

Feel free to comment in the section below hey!


So Much Love….




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  1. Love the unique top!
    I have such a hard time stocking up on quality basics but I know it’s very important.

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