Happy Monday! Hoping you all had a lovely weekend because it’s time to get some work done.  I am quite excited and decided to share with you guys an outfit I had on over the weekend! The flares were the major part of this outfit. You must all know when I have this jean on, I am actually happy or excited.

There are so many flares that I have actually seen in stores etc but this still remains the best pair I have seen and suits me well. SIMPLY PUT, I ONLY HAVE PAIR OF FLARED JEANS.

So I paired the flares with an off-shoulder maroonish top. The camera did not do justice to the color of this top, so vibrant I tell you, quite warm as well for winter. On a side note, we shot this look on a very cold day, I was freezing yall. I think even my face was swollen.lol

Back to the look, I wore my maroon block heels.I have had the pair for years now, got them from my sister and I wanted to play matchy with this look actually.

What I like about these flares is that they like they aren’t like the usual ones, nothing wrong with those but I wore them a bit much when I was younger.

Okay so the usp of this particular pair is that they are a high waist pair, cropped and have that different wash at the bottom and the hem is distressed.

When you wear cropped flares it is usually best to wear them with blocks and if they are high waist you can flaunt that by tucking the top inside. Another tip is that the right length is above the ankle!

Too daring??

I don’t think so hey, once in a while have fun with fashion and make a statement.


I bought myself this bracelet when I finished high school as a gift to myself..


Top- Fashion World

Jeans- Legit

Shoes- Gift

So what do you guys think of flared denim? I had a post about this on my previous blog, too bad we cannot go back there. But yes, would you buy a pair of flares and try them out? Also, what are your thoughts on my outfit?


So Much Love


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