I remember my graduation day from preschool as if it were yesterday. I sat there on the bench in my red gown and cap and getting more anxious as other kids got called out. They called my name out and I was so scared to walk on that stage, the thing that scared me the most were the photos being taken and by the time I got my prize tears were already on my cheeks. I have a photo from that day in my room, my mother smiling whilst holding a crying younger me.

A grown me with much more confidence.

Looking back, I realized that photos were never my thing. There are only a few of me from when I was in high school which is weird. I remembered recently that I was bullied because of the way I looked up to a point where I believed all of it and shied away from any photos. Most of the people from high school tagged me in photos on Facebook that I was never in because the then Elsie would just run away.

Either I’d be too dark in the photo or I’d be captured not looking so good and people would make fun. Photos were just a NO.

Fast forward to today, being in front of the camera is something I love so much. Thinking of it makes me realize how far I have come, most people don’t get it but its has been real. It took me a few years to tell myself that this young woman deserved to be taken photos of, that she was great the way she looked, that her grin of a smile was just perfect. Self love and appreciation.

It’s very important and if we don’t learn in early in life we end up seeking approval where it is not needed. We end up being too shy to be ourselves thinking that would be inappropriate. That is just sad and you can only hope that you get to a point where you understand self love. For some, they are born with it, others have to go through a journey and hope they will get there.

I promise its amazing. I feel like I am there now, flaws and all… I am there and happy. I literally hype myself when I look at my photos,😂 I’m like ” Yes baby! Yes! Look at you all smiling and glowy! You did that!”

What I am trying to say is when it comes to the self, never hold back or be shy. Be you! Do you! But most of all, Love You.

Take photos and make memories, they are really worth it.❤️


So Much Love…..


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