Happy Monday everyone, hoping the weekend was relaxing and somewhat productive for students. In this blog post I will be showing you how I wore my midi skirt! This is a versatile skirt of mine that I enjoy wearing mostly because of its unusual length.

My favorite part of this look is definitely the shirt. Let’s be honest…..how many of you ladies shop in the male section in stores? They actually have cool stuff on that side of the store and if you are that girl that likes exploring that side of fashion then you will know what I am on about. I bought this shirt for formal purposes, for meetings or interviews it works well with a neatly cut pencil skirt or pair of pants. The reason why I got it as well was because it was good quality, it will last me a while.

TIP: If you find shopping in the male section daunting just shop your man’s closet or your brother’s closet, provided you are almost the same size. Save that money!

The Full Look

This was a fun look to put together, instead of the usual heels or sneakers I went for these sock boots. Olive green for the character and wow factor!

I definitely recommend everyone to get some formal shirts, one or two that you can wear and on days you feel funky you can tie em’ up like I did. Don’t do it for a formal look though! LOL

A midi skirt is also a good investment because it is versatile and you can pull off a couple of looks. I will post more looks in it just to demonstrate the variety.


Shirt- Woolworths

Skirt -Jumbo

Boots- The Fix

Bag- Collete


That’s it form me, hoping you guys enjoyed this post.


So Much Love….



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