It is no longer a secret that Spring is here, for those that love trends I am guessing you know what is coming. I have know the color trends for 2017 but the only one that I actually wanted to try was Millennial Pink. Maybe because pink is a favorite color of mine from a young age or the shade of pink caught my eye. We might never know hey, but let’s get to the outfit!

The sun is out, the sun dresses are making a come back and so it would only be fair to wear that pink! I wore my pink long sleeved crop top along with a high waist pencil skirt in the same color. Quite simple and easy to put together, the shoes were minimalist as well. If you have been following my blog then you know I try keep it effortless most time and it is outfits like these that make me feel so good at picking out pieces from my closet.This is actually not my first time in the crop top, you can look at how I wore it here. You can also read up more on the color trend right on here.

With a calm color as this and the way I put it together I saw it fit to talk about something else. Personally I feel that sometimes we over think our situations, we worry a lot about some things we cannot even alter. It looks as if being calm is a luxury to be only enjoyed by those who have everything under control. WRONG! The secret is being calm, positive and being composed. Usually panic and worry do not solve much. Lately I have been learning to be calm, and handling pressures better. When work loads pile up etc, just sit down, figure a way to work through it and just trust the process!


Top- MRP

Skirt- Thrifted

Shoes- Legit


I hope you guys loved my look and my “Aunty Elsie” segment. Two things to remember : get some pink in your closet and keep calm! Let us know what you think of the outfit and the color trend. Do tell us about a situation you have exercised calmness.


So Much Love


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