Hello all. Feels like I haven’t blogged in the longest time, sometimes writers block happens and so you just wait till the words flow better again. Well your girl is back with a post on makeup. I really enjoy using makeup, I might not be the best in the game but I love how my face transforms from a ” 10 to a uuum 10 still!” Hehe, those that know just know. If you would like to know what I have been using to beat this face then you definitely need to read this makeup post.

Revlon Colorstay

I am really not goiing to apologise for how this picture looks guys! Shows that I use this thing on like a regular, just look at how I am almost hitting pan! This is foundation of the season for me, it glides onto the skin easily and leaves a glow. I had never been a fan of cream foundations but I decided to change up the game and give it a go. Ladies…. I am sold. The little bad boy even comes with concealer…lets be about the coin and saving hey!



If you have been following my makeup journey then you know this concealer stays on my makeup counter. These days I only use it for cleaning up the lower part of my sculpted brow, for the top I use the Revlon concealer because it is closer to my skin tone.



Stole this little case from my sister in law. What I love about is that it has neutral colors for brown skin and so you can have neutral looks elevated with those four colors. For those that are still new to the eye shadow game I would suggest getting one like so because it comes with instructions at the back as to how to apply in steps!


All about the glow, this stick brush is just the holy grail I tell you. It is so pigmented that one swipe on the cheekbones leaves you all glorious. Honestly this makes it a good investment because you know it will last for a while ….again ladies, value for your coin.


You guys know that Foschini has a beauty range right? Uha and it does the most. I love their glosses because they look great on my lips and they have good colors. This has been my go to gloss for about a month now and I line it either with brown or a purple. Brown for a nude look and purple for that gradient ombre typa look. I forget how much it was but its was not more than R30.


So yes ladies, that’s what I have been using and loving lately on my makeup counter. I am very satisfied to say the least. Tell us what you have been using lately and lets share tips because we need to look good together!

Thanks for reading and lets continue the talk in the comments section.


So Much Love…..


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  1. Awesome! I’m a beginner in make up I’m trying the hang of different types of products… Thank you Elsie, where did you buy the liquid concealer? I tried clicks and they had the yardley crayons for concealers

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