If you are a makeup fanatic like me you will know that when the day comes to end it is always a drag. Usually when you have had a beat face all day long it is quite sad to wipe it all off, worse of it can be a time consuming process. If you are for convenience and quality then this is the perfect review for you! In this post I will be reviewing the cherubs facial wipes! #CherubsCares. A big thank you to Beauty Bulletin for sending through a great package that came with a big pack of the wipes and 3 smaller versions for each skin type, cotton pads for the face and earbuds!



One thing is for sure, the packaging is just so lovely and cute, simple really and for the wipes the two openings make it impossible for them to dry out. The colors are also cute and I LOVE how they are every informational. Well done to Cherubs for creating biodegradable wipes, it’s time we start caring more about the environment.

On to the product! Its it quality I tell you! It has this stretchy texture that makes it easy to maneuver around theĀ  face. Not too wet or too dry, the right moisture. I have been using these wipes for about 3 weeks now and they leave my skin moisturize, girl I am even tempted not to moisturize before bed! LOL . Okay please do not do that! The thing is I have used several wipes and all have just left my skin dry after and so this is just a game changer.

The wipes are a good size too, I use about two because I like to make sure the face is clean, and the other reason is I actually love their subtle scent. Having sinuses makes one not so excited about scents but Cherubs won my heart.



Clearly you guys know what I am about to say. Yes, you need to buy these wipes. The great thing is that they come in all skin types, dry/sensitive, normal and oily. These wipes care for the environment so lets!

Many thanks to Beauty Bulletin for allowing be to be a part of this campaign as well. I might do a video soon as well!


I hope you guys enjoyed this mini review! Let us know what you think…


So Much Love







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