One of the  things I value the most is my skin, there are no shortcuts. I tried   to compromise and it just took a very ugly turn and so I stick to basics. This year was a bit tricky in the sense that when I compromised my skincare it was not good and I started all over. Lesson learnt!

First things first, I have dry skin and I only got to realize this about a year ago. Ladies, if you have dry skin, or any type, please know what to use, whats good for you and whats not.


The moisturizer I have been using.

I have been using this product for most of the year. To be honest I like it because it keeps my skin super hydrated the whole day. The whole Nivea range for dry and sensitive skin works well for me. I say this because I have had a couple of people ask me about my skincare, I am still on that student budget and so why not?



I bought a Neutrogena set sometime ago, and I did not finish the wash. A small amount lathers enough and it smells quite nice. Because my skin is dry and sensitive, the products I use on my face must not leave it dry. A continuation of that just really damages my skin and it doesn’t take long for it to reflect on the outside.I usually alternate between this wash and a creamier one from the Nivea dry and sensitive range. I know what you are thinking guys……I am not a Nivea brand ambassador! Lol Their products have just worked well on my skin.



When I said my skin was dry, that included the the whole body too. In winter , this moisturizer held my life together. It is thick in consistency and not heavy on my skin.It leaves a bit of shine but that is okay, way better than the dry and chapped skin.

You will notice that my lotion and my moisturizer both have almond oil. It is really good for dry skin that needs attention like yours truly.


  1. Always stay hydrated, drink water and more water
  2. Stick to products that are for dry skin(that means they will keep your skin hydrated)
  3. Pay attention to the makeup you use if it is dry skin friendly
  4. Make sure your pillow covers are clean

I hope this helps to those who have the same type of skin ass me. I believe if we do not prioritize the skin in our 20s it will be difficult to start in the 30s.


What type of skin and please share any tips on skincare routines and other useful products.


So Much Love



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7 thoughts on “My Current Skincare Routine.”

  1. With skincare i believe one just has to stick to whats working for them because we all have different skin and react differently to products. Gentle Magic has worked so well for me, so for now ama stick to that. To stay hydrated i agree WATER IS BAE!! I try to drink upto 1.5l a day that not only helps to keep me hydrated but flushes out whatever toxins are in my body.

  2. I believe that Nivea One of the most effective products for skin care.
    I have been using Nivea Essentials for most of the year. To be honest I like it because it has significant result .

  3. Your article contains great quality content not often seen. Your views are original and well thought out. You made valid points on this subject on which I concur. Thank you for writing great interesting content.

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