You know you love retro items when people refer to you as the quirky sister with a whole lot of vintage items. That description fits me perfectly always and the look in this post is exactly that. For the first time, I have paired two vintage items in an outfit….it can be a bit much if overdone, but I think we did well.


I bought these denim jeans from the cousin when she was clearing her closet. This is one of my tips on how to slay on a budget, second hand clothes. They fit so perfectly and hide the whole tummy vibe going on this December; or rather the whole of 2017. That is definitely a story for another day, but as you can see, they look quite good on me. I paired them up with a vintage shirt, quite lose on the frame but rich in color. Confirm I look like I’m fresh out of a 90s magazine? Lol!


Why I love Vintage…

Just like music from the olden days, the style back then was just so beautiful. Although I do love modern looks etc, I believe nobody can say they have a full closet without an item from the heydays!

There is just something that sets you apart from the rest when you own something vintage…….

Most people thrift or find items from their parents’ closets (the latter being cheaper) and that’s how it starts. Personally, I was blessed to have a mother that had such a bold and graceful sense of style. I took some of those items and through that, I gained more confidence in getting more vintage pieces!

My absolute favourite vintage clothing items are definitely the denim! Such great quality and the right fit jeans just elevevate them body goals to a new level!





So many of you have asked why I haven’t blogged in a while….well here it goes. Sometimes you get busy and that joined with writers’ block is just not a good space to blog in. I  am glad to say I think I have got my mojo back and ready to roll. 2017 has been quite the roller coaster year for me and all things said, I am actually glad this blog survived and inspired you guys. Thank you all for the support always.


Hoping you loved the look and do tell if you would do retro this way…


So Much Love…




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