Happy new year! Let’s be honest 2017 was a year and a half…frankly I have a feeling this year will be way better. Started my 2018 very relaxed and I intend to keep that peace throughout. Went out and decided to keep it simple and comfy, just after I dressed up it occurred to me that I barely do posts without heels on. Very weird because most of the time I am up and down looking for the flattest and comfortable shoes I can find. Well, for this look I wore a simple black dress with sneakers and a headscarf!

Seemed so windy outside today and when I got a lunch invite I figured I was not going to get there and start adjusting my hair. We do not have time to waste in this new year hey! This is by far my favorite way to wear a headscarf, the silky feel of it just makes it look expensive and classy. It however only works out when my hair is down. We accessorized with the all-time hoops! I loove hoops, they just make my face look great (I think) and with the scarf, we were slaying!

This 2018 I plan on living life the best way I can, just like this outfit I am going for things that I love, things that I feel comfortable in. Of course I am going to challenge myself here and there but I plan to enjoy the ride. I wrote down a couple of things and I have already started putting them in motion, positivity all the way.


Dress- Thrifted


Shades- Markham

Sneakers- MRP

Bag- Collete



I think every woman needs to own a scarf. Why? Well because at some point you will need it, whether it be for your hair on a bad day or just to accessorize that nice handbag or an outfit. I have a small collection which I intend to expand and improve in quality as time goes on. By the way, they never go out of style I tell you. I got some from my mother and they still look great when incorporated into an outfit.

I hope you guys liked this look. For a first time photographer, Zikhona did pretty well hey? Let us know what you think of this look in the comment section below. Let’s make this a great year and strive to do way better in all the areas of our lives.

Don’t forget to buy or find a scarf! 🙂

So Much Love



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21 thoughts on “Head scarfs and Sneakers.”

  1. The headscarf looks great on you! I’m not sure I could pull it off but I love the idea of hiding a bad hair day behind it!

  2. That headscarf looks fantastic! I’ve never tried one before and I’m not sure how it would look on me but I’m really tempted now!

  3. My friend you look great! Love the headscarf paired with hoops. I generally tend to wear my headscarf up like a turban and pair with studs but definitely doing hoops next time. Also what was your location looks so nice there.

  4. Your pictures are really cute. I will definitely have to invest in me a cute scarf. I cut my hair last July and these cold mornings have my small head freezing lol.

    1. Oh man. Yes please invest in some head scarfs as well as some wool beanies for the cold. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your compliment.

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