For as long as I can remember, Glamour Magazine has been one of my favorite publications. I used to buy it in high school every month,  back home, there is a huge stack of them next to my bedside table. My uncle used to encourage me to save up a few dollars each month to buy the publication, that meant not buying snacks at school for a few days. I look back now and I realise that my love for fashion grew from there. Besides all the fashion ideas, deep down I always wanted to be in the magazine. I decided to make it my goal last year since I had a fashion blog.

Long story short, I got to be Glamour’s style diarist for 10 days and it was a great experience. I have decided to share my favorite looks with you guys. Do let me know what you guys think and share your faves with me in the comment section.

Funny thing, people actually thought I was working there, oops! No, I was just featured in the online edition. Just had to clarify.


For the full style diary with 10 articles, you can have a look HERE.








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