Wrap It Up.

Ever heard of a wrap dress?They say this is the dress that works for any and every shape. I say it’s a great investment for your closet!

So what is a wrap dress?

This is an iconic dress dating back to the 70s when women made it a symbol of femininity and flaunted their curves with pride.You simply wrap it around you and tie it, that’s all! So easy and comfortable for any occasion. They have different shapes, sizes and vary in length as well, depending on your personal preference.

I got this particular dress for Christmas as a gift from a work colleague. I think I am the only one in the office that got such an amazing gift. Yes, I brag different, please allow.haha

I believe this should be a wardrobe staple, whenever you have somewhere to go and you aren’t sure, you just grab the wrap dress and decide on shoes whilst you put it on. For this look, I paired my dress with some strap heels and my cat eye shade for some sophistication. Because it already speaks volumes because of the print and length, I kept the rest easy and simple.

This would probably be a look for a semi-special afternoon date or something you have to put a little more effort for.

Truth be told, the way this dress feels so comfortable is amazing, the material feels soft on the skin as well. What a gift!


My poses can be really awkward hey!

Bottom line is: get you a wrap dress and look smashing in it!


Dress- Christmass gift

Shoes- Legit

Shades- Edgars


Let us know what you think of this look in the comment section below.


So Much Love


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19 comments on “Wrap It Up.”

  1. Eve says:

    You looking smashing! That one I totally love

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      AAAW , Thank you sha. means a lot to me

  2. Zaanri Sharp says:

    You look absolutely amazing! Seriously. I actually like your poses.

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      Haha thank you
      read your morning routine post and I was very encouraged.

  3. Natalie says:

    Wrap dresses (and tops) are some of my favorite trends this year. So fun and versatile!

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      Great minds thinking alike hey? Lol, thank you

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      Very much so, it can brighten a day even.

  4. K. Elizabeth says:

    Your coworker has great taste. I love wrap dresses. It’s very hard to go wrong with them.

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      I agree, she always looks stunning at the office hey!

  5. Candice says:

    That dress is absolutely stunning!

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      Really is, thank you for the comment Candice

  6. suzanne says:

    You look stunning in this dress! Love the colors on you. So pretty.

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      Thank you for hey, Quite a fan of blue lately!

  7. Emily says:

    I love wrap dresses! They manage to flatter just about any body type!

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      That’s so true and they are easy to wear as well!

  8. Melissa says:

    Okay you are stunning! And I love the dress. So perfect for spring!! I’ll have to give wrap dresses a try!

  9. We’re now caught in between “Wrapping it up! & going back to the 90s” Wish we could feature everything in the magazine! You keep impressing from quality to storytelling!

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      haha thank you!much appreciated

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