Sleeves have made one hell of a comeback and the more dramatic, the better. They have been trending since 2017 and they seem to be here for a while. Of all the dramatic sleeves, my favorite is the bell sleeve and I own one top in the color black.  This is probably because I am very picky when it comes to the clothing that I buy when it comes to quality etc.

For today’s post,  I am sharing my bell sleeves outfit with you guys.

A little Explanation:

bell sleeve is named for its bell-like shape — tight at the shoulder and loose at the wrist. So simple.

Cullottes: these are bottoms like the ones I am wearing in this post and you can get a good explanation of them here in a post I did before.


I just love these sleeves because they add character to an outfit, they just make you feel all feminine without actually trying too hard. It’s pretty clear that I am such a fan, isn’t it? The plan is to get more tops in the near future, it’s a great classic to have.

I paired my black bell sleeved top with some black culottes. All black always does the trick. For some color, the green boots did the trick.



Top- Superbalist

Pants- Woolworths

Boots- The Fix

Bag- Fashion Express

Shades- MRP

The idea for this outfit was to look stylish with minimal effort and I think it worked. At some point during the shoot, I was unsure if this was working or not, but I looked at the photos and it made sense.


Let me know what you guys think of this look in the comment section below hey!

So Much Love…



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