That 90’s Vibe!

It’s no secret that I love denim, especially high waist or mum jeans. I basically live in denim jeans and to be honest they are easy to dress up and move in. A week can go by and I will just be in denim throughout! This weekend I had on my favorite pair on and I took to the streets with Sivu.


I don’t know about you but I think I look like I am straight from a 90’s music video. It’s such a funky look such that shooting this look was a vibe.

It was quite a hot afternoon so I kept easy with the grey top. Usually, the jeans make a statement such that I don’t require much. You can read up more about these type HERE.

The best part of this look is the shoes, I love comfy flats. Basically, brogues are my go-to shoe. I have a little collection that drives a certain person crazy because I always buy the same pair of shoes each time. I mean, if you find something that works for you then you better stick to it.



Top – Jumbo

Denim- Thrifted

Shoes- Woolworths

Bag- Gifted

Shades- Markham


So what is the verdict for this look? YAY or NAY?


Some Much Love…


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14 comments on “That 90’s Vibe!”

  1. Total 90s music video vibes! Love the look 🙂

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      Thank you hey… 🙂

  2. Brooke says:

    I’m saying YAY to this look! The jeans do make a great piece that you’re right, you can keep your top simple. I also agree you look like you came out of a 90s music video! Love it!

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      Thank you, Brooke I am glad people actually got the concept.

  3. Sharon says:

    I notice more and more ‘throwback’ jeans are becoming popular. These are really cute and I really like the washed look of them.

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      I hope this time they stay because they are just everything.

  4. LOVE the 90’s flashback vibe of this look! You completely rock it too.

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      It was so easy to be in, thank you

  5. Gladys Tsopo says:

    You look fabulous in those Jeans love the look

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      thank you mama!

  6. Maegan says:

    YAY from me! You totally rock this look! I love outfits that look comfy but stylish at the same time like this one.

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      oh thank you very much hey! Simple always does it.

  7. nyashamaringa says:

    its a yay!!! love it

    1. Mwarianesu says:

      Thank you Nyasha, not just for the comment, but for your support.

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