Last year around this time I did a post on my blog about what was in my handbag, I have decided to do an updated version of that post.  Recently I have been carrying the same bag to work since January, I am not sure if this is because it is black or it’s because it can be a cross body bag. Either way, it has been a good investment and I love its quality.

I got this bag at Jumbo, but nobody ever believes me. Allow me to plug you guys if you actually look closely you can pick some gems from there. So it’s a Nine West bag and it has two compartments, I paid about R300 for it.

So what’s in my work bag?

  1. Toiletry Bag

Listen, I basically do not go anywhere without this little polka dot bag of mine. It contains some daily essentials like my mirror, caramex, wipes and other few things. Oh, I keep some panado in there as well. Let me know if guys would like me to do a toiletry bag post.

  1. Cable Pouch

The truth is I do not like a messy bag and it gets even worse with charging cables and earphones etc. That can never be me, so I bought a small bag where I put my phone chargers and earphones. That way things are orderly because it isn’t a huge bag.

  1. Wallet

I decided to go small last year. Basically having one of those big wallets made me keep all the receipts even the unnecessary ones. This one keeps the basics, these are my cards and minimal cash because cash and I aren’t friends.

  1. Eyewear

Those that know me well are aware that I wear prescription glasses! Is n’t it a surprise? Yes, so I always keep these in my bag.

I never leave the house without shades. It cannot happen; I have to keep a pair in my bag. It’s usually the same pair for a season.

  1. Phones

Yes, guys, I walk around with two for obvious purposes. But I constantly reach for my bag for one of them. You need your phone for obvious reasons; my personal phone is too big for any pocket business and so I prefer it in my handbag.

Because I can be quite forgetful, I carry the same bag and I only unpack it over the weekend when I have time. Usually, it stays by the door after work and I just pick it up in the morning on my way to work. When I get to my desk I just put it in its spot by the corner and that’s it. That just makes life way easier.

What do you guys keep in your bags?


So much Love…..


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12 thoughts on “What’s in my work bag!”

  1. Thanks for the tips. Back in the day I used to carry my wallet only, but I have improved. I carry a small lotion, hand sanitizer, sunscreen,earphones and chargers(but not in a bag lol), diary and a sticky note. So I wl need two small bags… a toiletry and one for my charger and earphones.

    1. Lets do that sis! Lets not let our cables mess up the bags. Thank you for sharing whats in your bag as well. Glad you could pick up a tip.

    1. Haha vanessa! well yes you need to get your ducks in a row miss! but I have two phones, one for work, and my personal one. Not by choice shem

  2. I don’t go anywhere without a small toiletries bag, too! Except I carry deodorant in mine because somehow I’m always forgetting to put it on before I leave the house! Haha

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