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I thought it would be a good idea to make it a point to do at least one beauty post a month. It would be great for all my people that are all about skincare and it will keep Elsie accountable as well. It’s a win-win situation for all.

This post is about my March beauty empties.

Growing up, my mother encouraged my sisters and me to keep our skincare basic and constant. Her ideology was that it would work better to use products that you know you can always afford just in case you run out of money to buy them or something else happens. What she basically meant was that we had to stick to either vaseline or camphor cream for your whole body and face. I would write down her exact statement, but it’s in my native language so most of you would not understand, but I promise it’s funny.

Growing older I  kept that in mind and made it work for the best. When choosing your skincare product range you need to take consideration of your skin type and your budget. I always say this and I will say it again, “There is always a skincare range for every pocket!” Don’t let them fool you into thinking you are a student, therefore, you cannot afford proper skincare. With the academic stresses and long nights of study your skin will be sure to respond. The only way to stay ahead is to take care of your skin, giving it all it needs and using the right products religiously.

By religiously I mean if you find a skincare brand that works for you, stick to that unless  you find a better alternative. Changing products can be straining for your skin. I have been using the same items for about 2 years now and for those that do not know, below are some of the products.

Nivea Moisturiser

This product is very rich in moisture and hydrates my dry skin well. Each time I apply it I feel my skin responding well. It cost R73.95


Nivea Wash

Because I have dry skin, I cannot use harsh soaps or washes on my face. I have tried several of those and I always ended up with dry stretchy skin, very annoying and uncomfortable. This wash is soothing and it cleans whilst moisturizing as well. R62.95


Garnier Scrub

Dead skin is like a norm for everyone and when I feel my skin becoming dull I use this product. It scrubs off the dead skin gently and it has a good citrus scent that gets you excited in the morning. A scrub is actually essential, so find one that works for your skin. R94.95


Since these are empty, I will have you guys know that I have already stocked up on more of these. It is frustrating to run out of your daily products when you do not have time to go and purchase more, been there, done that. What a mess! I take advantage of the sales at Clicks and keep by skincare basket full.

So what are you guys using for your skin?

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  1. This is so true! Basic skincare is the way to go. I have also been through harsh soaps and washes because YouTube videos😭 Now that I know my skin type, skincare shopping has never been cheaper.

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