Happy Tuesday!

I am very excited because it’s my birthday week! This girl is turning 21 and she is so happy.

Because I am in a great mood I  decided to share an outfit from last week. It’s really cool that I can just dress the way I like for work. Formal is great to wear every weekday but I am glad I get to dress according to my mood and creativity.


In this look I paired my fave V-neck skirt with some drawstring waist pants I got a while back from MRP. The outfit was all nice when I laid it on the couch for the next day but I forgot to find shoes for it. Woke up extremely late and I picked the nearest pair I could find, I only realized when I got to the office that I was looking pretty cool. Ditching the conventional simple shoes for my funky sneakers worked out in my favor. It just looked well thought out.









T-shirt- Jumbo

Pants- MRP

Bag & Shoes- Jumbo

Shades- Markhams


Ditch your usual look one of these days and just go for a look that best describes your mood! Have a lovely week.



So Much Love


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