My love for simple and elegant looks has grown over the past few years and now I am also into the natural looking makeup with lip-gloss!

Most times we spend a lot of time complicating things and we end up getting stressed by stuff that happens daily in our lives. Personally, I have learned to just relax, take the days as they come, do my best and live in the moment. To those that read my blog on a regular, you will remember I did a post sharing that this 2018 my goal is to live and not just exist. This is because I noticed how stressed I would get about the smallest of things and I would end up not enjoying the sun and life in general.


Bottom line is, keep it simple, enjoy and appreciate the smallest of things. Celebrate those victories even though you think they are small. You are worth it!



Recently a dear friend of mine got me this amazing pair of pants for my 21st birthday. They fit so perfectly and the neutral color looks lovely on the skin. I paired these pants with my blouse from Woolworth and strap heels from Superbalist. I took it easy and enjoyed my day.





Top- Woolworths

Earrings- The Fix

Pants- Gift

Shoes- Superbalist

Shades – Edgars


So Much Love…


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