I have been wanting to upload this look for the longest time, simply because the Stylista team gave me the voucher to create it. To be honest, I was surprised when I got the email, totally unexpected, but it really made my day.

I took some time over one of the past weekends to hit the mall and shop! You guys already know my favorite store right? My idea was to create a whole look from one store, I really wanted to test my creativity in one place and see how well I can do in one store when creating a look.

Sidenote: My sidekick was annoyed because he was in the store for waiting for about two hours.

Obviously, the look finally came together, stylish and interesting. We went for some faux leather and polka dots. This top caught my eye because of the dots, the bow at the back sealed the deal. It was one of the items I saw first. I decided to pair it with this very detailed pencil skirt. Who says the pencil skirt has to stay simple? This look seemed perfect with the blue pair of heels.




Sometimes when I go shopping I occasionally send my friends some photos. I know I am on the right track when they both say they do not like the outfit.

I know that sounds weird, but that is how I’ve become confident in my style and what I want to wear.



Can we just talk about the natural hair goals though! Haha, we thank genetics.



The whole look is from the urban and hip store called The Fix!



Have you ever created a look at one store? If so, how was it?

Let us know in the comment section below…


So Much Love…


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