There are a  lot of things that we need as women in our closets, some just merely wants and not necessary. Personally, I always “need” a good pair of shoes because come on, I just need them! No judgment if you are like me, there are a lot of us out there. However, the pocket does not always allow for such purchases and besides, being a hoarder is not the best route to go.

In this blog post, I decided to share 3 things that we as women actually need in our closets for different and special occasions.

1. The good quality fancy blouse

When you think about it, you might think “Where will I be going and what do I need it for?” Truth is, having one is essential for one of those special events or days when you want to look polished. I got this particular one because it just looked so beautiful with the embellishments and the quality is just amazing on the skin. One of these days you will need to dress up a bit and a fancy blouse takes it up a notch.


2. A fancy looking purse

A lady can never have too many bags! Yes, I said it and please dont @ me! Lol.

Okay, on a more serious note, every lady needs a good looking purse and switch up from the usual tote. Have you ever put together a look that you are so impressed with but when you grab your bag it ruins it? Yes? That’s when your “dress up purse” comes to the rescue. Lately, I have seen a couple of small fancy looking bags in circulation and they can honestly transform an outfit from C to A. I personally go for quality and simplicity and when a former friend of mine gifted me with this bag I was so happy, just what I needed in my closet.



3. Black heels

Depending on your personal style, a pair of black heels is always a necessity. Black is just classic and timeless. It also fits into almost any and every outfit. Throw in a black pair of shoes and look polished, but it depends on the quality. Never compromise when it comes to the quality of shoes and bags. Rather spend quite a bit for quality items that will last longer and look great on you as well.


Like I said, there are so many things we need for our closets, but I just thought to share these with you guys.

The Outfit


In the back of my mind, I wanted to create an expensive and elegant looking outfit. Proud to say I think I achieved that goal.

Pants- Woolworths


Shoes- Asos

Bag – Topshop


So Much Love…



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