Growing up we always knew my grandmother would always be in a pinafore, I think she had so many of those and my mother always got her new ones every now and then. To me, a pinafore was just this long ugly dress you put on top of your dress to avoid getting your clothes dirty. It made sense that way because grandma always wore those when she had work to do. At some point, she and I had matching ones because we were besties! Of course, mine was long too… like really long and for the field.

I kid you not, I only learned last year that one of the cool items of clothing I liked from afar was actually a pinafore! I think I laughed for a good minute at that. It was a pinafore!! That short cure little dress!!


a collarless sleeveless dress worn over a blouse or jumper.

They come in different shapes and sizes and lately, they are all over trending.


I decided to write this post because of the recent advert from MRP advertising the pinafore. I thought to myself “Baby you have been a cool kid for the longest time! You had a pinafore at 5!”

The pinafores are ideal for winter because you have to layer something inside, it can be a t-shirt or even a turtleneck like I did. It works for a day that’s a bit cold such that you don’t have to wear a jacket! Convenient aren’t they?

I paired my pinafore with a black turtleneck and my sneakers. A simple look for the daytime! You can dress it up in any way you see fit. This particular one can work for the office as well. Add a pair of heels and you will look corporate!




Pinafore- gift

Turtleneck- MRP

Sneakers – Jumbo


What winter trend are you guys looking forward to besides the obvious Layering?


So Much Love



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