Quality is an important factor when it comes to what we purchase for everyday use. I remember being in my first year of university and buying a bag every other month because it would be torn or no longer pleasing to look at.

I calculated the amount I had spent on bags the whole year; it was more than the amount for an expensive bag I had been longing for, but I was hesitant to buy because of the price. Imagine how I felt after the realization…

I decided to take stock of all my purchases and doing average calculations, I kid you not when I tell you that the same bag habit continued with everything else in my closet or on my desk. Not that there is anything wrong with buying stuff for a lesser price, but quality should definitely be a factor to consider.

The 20s are the years to take stock and set standards when it comes to what you do and value. I am proud to say I have taken the decision to stop buying things because they are cheap, but rather look at quality, durability and proper fit. My finances seem to go in large chunks but it is better to spend on a leather bag that will last you years. That knockoff pleather one will have you coming back to the store next season for a new one. Totally not worth it if you ask me.

Those that know me are aware that bags are totally a thing for me. I really love good quality bags because I carry quite a lot in mine. A bag also says a lot about you just like a pair shoes.

Obviously, my first-year varsity experience taught me a lot…that’s why I am plugging you guys to the real stuff in this post.


MAHILeather is giving away a personalised backpack (worth up to $150)  every two weeks in May and June!

MAHI leather backpack

Yes, you read that sentence right! A leather backpack like the one above every two weeks! All you have to do is sign up to their mailing list and you are automatically entered. It’s that simple, signing up HERE and you can choose the backpack you would like to win!

Names will be drawn out of the hat every two weeks starting from 17th May and ending 29th June and there is no limit to the number of times you can enter. The great thing is you can choose the personalized backpack that you would like to win on their page, really cool isn’t it?

Each chance you get to own something of good quality is a DO! These backpacks are made of genuine leather; great quality if you ask me and you will have it for the longest time without worrying about it being broken etc.

Go for it guys! Just visit the MAHI Leather website, sign up to the Mailing List. Don’t forget to pick the backpack you would like to win as well.

So Much Love…


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