Stepping out of your comfort zone…

They say if you are comfortable, then you are not growing. A hard pill to swallow but it’s so true.
When I started blogging I had so much zeal but over time got boring, the momentum and enthusiasm started to fade away. I think I did not blog for about 2 months and it was totally okay with me. Going back to that time, I realize now that I wasn’t growing.
My content had just become bleh to me, nothing innovative or all that.

I challenged myself this year to go for things that aren’t in my comfort zone, that way it would be more interesting to create content for the blog.

The other week I took photos in a local spaza shop. Those that know me are well aware that I am not really a fan of many eyes. Usually, when scouting for areas to shoot, I tend to go for areas that have fewer people.
Guys, this was so difficult for me, I was in an unfamiliar territory, people were walking in and out and I had to focus on my poses. A girl had to adapt.
I think we did well. The color intensity was also new for me but looks like we made it work.

So whats the main point?
Well, usually we tend to go for things that make us comfortable, things that dont require much courage. I am challenging you guys to venture out and challenge yourselves. It might be something like going to new places. I promise you will feel great after. Chances are you learn new things as well, after all, doing the same thing over and over just becomes… er, BORING.

So Happy Monday guys, seize the week and go for stuff that scares you!

So Much Love…


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