Hey guys, I know I have been missing for almost a week but I was adulting and trying to catch flights, not feelings. The week involved quite a lot of travel too. So my boss came into the office on Friday and announced that someone we knew was in the local newspaper and we had to guess who it was. Turns out it was me! A whole photo of me with Miriam Maulana and Amanda Klaas at last weekend’s EC Meetup for bloggers at Fairview Racecourse. Of course, you guys are wondering what I wore, just have a look below.

We kept it warm and simple…

For those that are unaware, the EC meetup is a networking event for bloggers and influencers in Port Elizabeth. It’s made possible by the lovely bloggers  Luchae and Eleanor and each year it just gets bigger and better. I am proud to say this time along I learned a lot from the guest speakers Meghan Kelly and Lyle Scritten from Travelstart.

One of my goals for the year was to be more active and travel more, even to the places in Port Elizabeth, the #ECMeetup made it possible because it was at the Fairview Racecourse (about a 30mins drive from where I stay).

I enjoyed being head of GPS on the road for Miriam who kindly offered me a lift. What a beautiful venue guys, the views, the food, and the service was just amazing. It was my first time there and I definitely need to go back on a race day.

Petronella Caterers did the absolute most with the food

Blogger Inspiration

Meghan gave a great talk about working with brands. What I loved was her emphasis on building relationships with brands and always thinking about the value we add as bloggers to the brands and most importantly our audience.

Lyles’s shared with us some blogging tips and I was encouraged when he emphasized that to be a travel blogger one doesn’t need to go to different countries. Actually, as a blogger, you start by exploring your own city. This pretty much gave me the confidence to try and blog about the places that I go for events. To be honest Port Elizabeth has so much to offer in terms of travel and experiences. From the amazing beaches to the wildlife and I cannot wait to start exploring it more.

Lyle giving us some inside scoop on travel blogging.

I know you guys are probably reading this and thinking how you would be able to explore too since travelling can be expensive. Yes, that is a case but there is always Cheap Flights To Port Elizabeth from Travelstart. I am quite embarrassed to say, but up until last weekend, I did not even know they existed! I did my homework this week and checked out their site and they have some really good deals that I think you guys would be interested in too. So if any of you decide to do the right thing and come down to the friendly city, do let me know and we can go on some fun adventures.

Once again, it was a lovely experience to get out of the town and visit the Racecourse for some blogger talk. I can totally say my blogging will definitely improve and I will be taking more drives and flights.                                                           

So Much Love….


                                                    In Collaboration with TravelStart

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6 thoughts on “My EC Meetup Experience | Travel the city”

  1. Yeeees get on them flights not feelings boo. I saw you on Amanda’s vlog. You need to joint the vlogging world now babes.

    Lucky you guys attended this event, Travelstart should have given bloggers some discounted flights though 🙊

    1. hahhahahah! Lol Vanessa! what a comment! So since I was in Amanda’s vlog I guess I am now a vlogger too hahahah.

    1. Oh hi there! I’m such a fan of your blog hey. But yes I think more than anything, blogging has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and network with people.

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