We all know that chocolate is the way to a girl’s heart and we simply can’t get enough. Imagine my excitement when I was invited to the Cadbury’s  Oreo enrobed  1st birthday party!

39 on Church was such a beautiful venue for the event, all set up and pretty with the Cadbury brand colors. Oh and the food guys….so amazing I tell you.


The surprising thing was that I am such a fan of chocolate but I had never tasted the  Oreos covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk. So embarrassing…. but I am glad I got invited to this event; I was really missing out on such goodness!

It was a beautiful and sunny day to dress up and so I was in a white shirt, some flared denim and my fave sock boots. Luchae (One of the event organizers)  told us to dress fun! Glad I had some fun earrings so my outfit was quite simple but had some personality. The other bloggers looked so stunning and colorful and it just created a great vibe.



I would like to put it out there that this year I challenged myself to go out more and meet people. Not only meeting new people but pushing myself to start conversations and create friendships. I got a chance to chat up other amazing bloggers, sharing our thoughts and ideas. Business cards were exchanged over the sweet treats and the food.  After the event, I really felt good and proud of myself for going out and spending time with fellow bloggers.

One thing that I have come to understand is that as bloggers, we can be quite the shy bunch. Our personalities shine so well on our platforms and social media, but when we all come together we are all smiles and back to our phones. I’m not sure if it is because there was so much chocolate, or it’s because of the seating arrangement but we actually managed to put the phones aside and converse.

Maybe we just need more of the Oreos!

Many thanks to Cadbury for such a well thought out event and the amazing chocolate filled goodie bags!

Oh and if you haven’t tried out this amazing #oreoenrobed, please head out and get one. I promise it’s amazing! You can thank me later…

So Much Love…


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