In my last post, I mentioned that my skincare routine has changed a bit, in this post I will be sharing how and why.

I have been using the Nivea range for a while now, and it has been actually working well for my skin, but recently when I did my skincare shopping I decided to try something new. I have absolutely nothing against the range I was using before but I just decided I wanted to change it up, I will see how it works on my face. If it does not perform as well as I am hoping then we will go back to the old range.

Garnier Skincare New range with Rose Water

The range I decided to go for is Garnier, so I got a moisturizer and a cream wash. This range is for dry and sensitive skin like main and a major component in it is the Rose Water. I remember a friend of mine from Tanzania told me how she loved cleaning her face with rose water, I did not quite understand that concept but her skin showed good evidence.

I consulted with the lady at Dischem and she recommended this range because it is :

  1. Mostly made of natural ingredients
  2. Affordable
  3. Good for sensitive skin
  4. Smells quite nice
  5. Soft on the skin

Here is a breakdown of how I have been using these products.

Cleansing Water

Cleansing Water

This is basically the wash. It has a creamy consistency and I just dab some of it on a cotton pad and clean my face. I think for now it is a bit weird that I no longer use a wash with water and lather my face. But I am sure as time goes on it will be normal. I use this wash every morning and the bonus is that I can use it to remove my makeup as well.

Smells pretty nice too.


I went with the Day Cream as recommended and for the past week, I have been enjoying it. The package is quite small, but over the years I have learned how to use my facial products sparingly.

Guys, do you moisturize your neck?

Apparently, it can age quite early if not properly taken care off. So be kind with your day and night creams and spread them to the neck as well.


What I had not anticipated is how many cotton pads I would be using with this new routine. I will have to restock.

My thoughts so far…


After using these two products for a week, I think they are doing quite okay. I will need another week to properly feedback. However, I love the packaging,  I mean who doesn’t like pink? It’s also an affordable range, both products amounted to about R150. Good price range I think.

I will do an update on my social media as time goes on so if you aren’t following me on all platforms, you may do so. The username is constant on all platforms, just @ElsieMutsaka .

I hope you guys got an idea of this new Garnier range if you have any questions you can just pop them in the comment section below and I will respond to them.

So Much Love



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