Denim is one of the items you are guaranteed to find in everyone’s closet for both males and females. It just works either for convenience or style, you don’t really have to overthink it. Those that know me so well are aware that I absolutely love denim and every now and then I do some stock take, I throw out worn out pairs of my denim jeans and re-stock.

Recently, I went to THE FIX which happens to be one of my favourite shops where I got a pair of denim jeans. My idea was to get loose fitting jeans and do an Aimee Song look.
Aimee is one of my favourite bloggers, I always go to her page at least twice a week to see her outfits and read her posts. She wears her denim well and for a person like me, it’s just so amazing because I love jeans too.


Can you believe my whole outfit is from The Fix? Yup! It really is. I wore my denim jeans with the black bodysuit and blue heels. You can check out how I wore the blue heels before HERE!

As you can see, it was a very simple look to put together and blue being the dominant colour. Peep at my eyeshadow, a cool blue for a good effect.


Jeans, bodysuit & heels – The Fix

By the way, they now have an online store, you can check it out HERE! for cool deals.


So Much Love…


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