I will be honest and put it out there that shopping for foundations for dark skinned girls like me can be very difficult. My experience hasn’t been a pleasant one and I always share it with other people when talking about foundation shades.

When I was still in undergrad, I decided it was time to use makeup and headed to the drugstore to purchase the whole set. Long story short, the reception was not so good and I just got handed the last shade of foundation in one range! Now don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing bad about any last shade of a base range. My issue was that the lady that served me did not even try to accommodate me as I saw her doing others.

It was my cousin that had the courage to tell me that I had been wearing the wrong shade foundation the whole holiday.

She basically went like “Elsie dear, what is this mud you have been using all over your face??”

3 years later, I am more aware of my options and where to go for foundations that suit me better.

So here are a few pointers when it comes to buying foundations:

  • Always go makeup/foundation shopping with a bare face
  • Carry your own wipes just in case they do not have in the shop (this one time a lady sprayed perfume on a tissue and came towards me to wipe my makeup off! uh….no !”
  • The best place to sample is a small area on the side of your face, just in case your hands are a different shade
  • After someone samples a shade on you, don’t be quick to purchase. Take a walk around the mall to see how the shade oxidizes over time.
  • The lighting in the shop is different from natural light, you might want to go outside for a bit to check if the shade really works.
  • Don’t feel pressured to buy it just because the person that helped you said it looks good.
  • For other places like Edgars etc, feel free to ask for samples. You always get a better perspective at home anyway right?


Not to be funny or anything, my other thing is that I do really go for a consult if I see there is nobody that has a similar complexion to mine. Someone who actually understands the shade finding struggle can help you better. That is just my opinion ladies….¬†(hides face)

I hope this will be helpful if you haven’t bought foundation yet or if it did not go well last time. Brands like Black Opal, Estee Lauder and Lancome really come through for us dark-skinned¬†girls. Other drugstore brands include Maybelline and Revlon. I really love the Maybelline shades of Africa range, it is very diverse and only R100! Try it out.

So Much Love…


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