It’s officially summer and I am here for it. More sunny days and cute outfits to wear around. I know at work it might not be the case, but during the weekends we can go all out.

There are a few trends that I have been loving and one of them is definitely basket/ straw bags! I recently collaborated with Tiwi’s Closet and I love their summer collection. In this post, I just wanted to showcase the straw bag and outfit I created around it.


I love how small it is, will fit the most important things that you need on a summer day, like some wipes, a phone and some money! My idea was to dress it a bit fancy and so I paired it with some white pants, a pink crop top and some pink espadrilles. I added a scarf to the bag giving it a flowy look like the pants give off.  A holiday vibe with class.

Also as you can see, I am transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. To be honest, it’s quite stressful watching your hair falling off, but I am so keen to have my natural hair back. I will probably cut off the stressful split ends soon.

So let’s talk straw bags!

They come in different forms and sizes depending on what you like. I know people are different and maybe this shape isn’t ideal for some. Those that like carrying quite a lot of stuff can get a bigger shape and sized one that fits a couple of things. Because they are trending, I think it will be easy to get one. For those that would like to keep is hustle free, you can just hit up Tiwi’s Closet on Instagram   or  Twitter and they can hook you up!


Top- MRP

Pants – Woolworths

Shoes – Fashion Express

Bag –  Tiwi’s Closet

I can’t wait to share more of the items I got from Tiwi’s  Closet, they clearly did a great job at finding pieces that go well with my style and personality.  Tell us what you think of this look and if you would consider a look like this one.

By the way, if you have ever done the hair transition thing, please do leave some tips in the comment section below!

So Much Love…


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