If you are adulting like me or in university with so many things to do, then you are very much aware of the burn out that we sometimes find ourselves in. 2018 was the year I really understood what it meant to be exhausted, and this wasn’t because I was doing manual labor. I was working the regular 9-5 on a desk but the way I was tired and burnt out was just unbelievable. I never understood the concept of taking care of your mental health then.

Stability and being in a good mental space is very vital as young adults and one of the ways to gain these is to sometimes reward yourselves with a break. By this, I do not mean a tea break, but actually taking some time to treat your self. This might seem like a tall order but you really do not need a fat bank account to treat yourself or indulge in some self-care. Below are some of the ways you can use some me-time to take care of yourself. Sunday is usually a good day for this.



Read a book

We all love watching a great show or going out to have a good time, but there is something fulfilling and empowering about reading a book. Last year I challenged myself to read about 30 books and I actually read more than 10! Hmmm not bad actually. I would take some time out during the weekend, make a cup of coffee and indulge in a good fictional or self-help book. This helps you to relax, learn new things or get your imagination working (that is if it is a fictional book)!


Ever since I was 13, I have been journaling! We tend to get stressed out by stuff that we cannot share sometimes. Keeping a journal helps to vent out for those that live alone or are introverts. Keeping a journal last year helped me to track my progress throughout the year regarding certain aspects of my life such as goals.

Food treats!

This has to be one of the best self-care methods, eating some really nice food. If you love homemade food then a delicious breakfast would be ideal. Some eggs, toast, avo, bacon, pancakes or whatever you love to eat in the morning! Personally, I do not always have time to make breakfast every day, at most I have a slice of toast at 10 am at the office just to maintain the blood sugar levels! LOL

Definitely, a good meal is a treat for me! If you are into takeaway then you can always order in some food and enjoy it whilst watching a series or movie!

A Facial or Hair Mask


Having gone through a week of work or school, it is always good to put some extra time on your face and hair. I usually do a detox mask, homemade or even store-bought. When it comes to my hair, I am not really a fan of the home made masks and so I stick to the normal hair routine using store bought products. Your skin and scalp are very important, and if they do not receive the care they require, they reflect the stresses that we go through!


Self-care can be in any form you want really!

The important thing is loving yourself enough to get some rest and treat yourself. We are all about getting them good grades or securing the bag but YOU ARE THE BAG, AND YOU NEED TO SECURE YOURSELF!

If you are reading this, then please so share in the comment section how you practice self-care.


So Much Love….


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