2018 was the year I discovered a lot about myself and one of those things was how I wanted one more go at natural hair! Sometime in my first year of university, I  cut my hair but unfortunately, I did not like it at all. In my head, I always thought it made me look scruffy. This was all because I hadn’t quite clocked the self-confidence aspect of my life, oh and I never moisturized that hair! What a mess…

For the most part of the year, I did not plait my hair because I had regular headaches, and from experience having a plaited head made them worse. I would just comb my hair and tie it, those that visit the blog regularly probably noticed! Through that period I got to understand my hair, fall in love with it and discovered what it needed the most. Having my cousin Tsungi the hair guru and Constance my hair enthusiast friend also helped me. The former made me like natural hair more and the latter took care of my hair for half the year. I know the last part is crazy, but really, my friend did the most hey!


I was curious to see what my natural hair would be like!

You know when you hear people talk about their hair knowing what type it is? Yes, I also wanted to say, “Yes my hair is 4c!” haha. My hair is actually the 4B type, very soft with dense curls. A few hours before putting this blog post together I realized my hair is from my father’s side! A girl really has hair in abundance.

I wanted to just start over…

2019 just had to be different and the hair had to be as well. This is just a different chapter from the rest and so the natural hair was an indication of that, starting ground up and being responsible for my crown and what it can be.

It seemed like an easy option!


It isn’t at all! I played myself really, the washing, conditioning, and moisturizing is not a joke. It feels good to have a clean and nice smelling head though. I have also become that girl that always looks up “How to take care of natural hair 4b” on Google each time I’m free.

Overall, my natural hair texture is great and yes, I understand how people feel when strangers just want to touch your hair without permission. I mean the audacity!! My hope is that I quickly learn which products go well with my hair so I do not become a product hoarder. I mean have you looked at those product prices?? (*opens eyes wide!!*)

For no,w I am sticking to basics…

*A shampoo without sulphates


*Wide-toothed Comb

*A hair grower moisturizer

*Oh and a silk scarf!

I had so much taking these photos in my comfort zone. These are the first photos that I have taken since November 2018, so it’s safe to say I had missed being behind the camera.  I cannot wait to share my natural hair journey with you guys, the hits and the misses and the product trials ofcourse.

If you have the same natural hair type, please share in the comments section how you take care of it and style it.

So Much Love…


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One thought on “Why I Cut My Hair”

  1. Love the hair. Everyone seems to be chopping off their hair and I swear I felt the fomo at some point but it’s just not for me. I will enjoy natural hair through you and all my other internet sisters ❤️

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