It has been a very long day and I am super exhausted, but still, I wanted to put this post out before the end of the this week. Recently, I took to Instagram and posted a pair of my new favorite shoes, KITTEN HEELS to be specific! I asked if people wanted me to write why I liked them, and so here goes…

Back in undergrad, kitten heels we really just a NO GO area. My argument was that them shoes needed to decide if they wanted to be heels or flats! Fast forward to 2018, I walked into The Fix with my best person and could not take my eyes off these kitten heels. This 2019, having started a new job (Oh yes! I have a newish job, and I moved back home to Zimbabwe) the shoes had to come out.


  1. Listen, being influenced is real. There are a couple of creatives whose work I absolutely love and these ladies were really killing the Kitten Heel business. Just take a look at Lulama Wolf, Pam Zokuhle, Linda Mtoba, I mean those ladies work the kitten heel so much that I just had to try it.
  2. Recently, I realized that there is so much travelling that happens at my job on a daily and honestly, I don’t have the energy for high heels. So with the Kittens, I am not in complete flats….but I’m not to high up there too. It’s basically a good balance.
  3. They are a good challenge to the outfit picking out process! Let me be honest, you have to really know what you are doing when you center an outfit around those heels. One slight mistake and well!! You basically look like a granny, and I am so serious. I love the challenge the most.

Being a fashion blogger and understanding the art of putting together looks, I have realized that it is time I stick to a certain style. Of course, I dress a bit different but it’s time to figure out the type of different I stick to. It is basically comfort and elegant, that is what Kitten heels are to me.

Simply comfortable and elegant!


One last thing!!

This is the simple white tee and denim look! Had you noticed that? This my version of that basic look, and it suits my style. How do you wear your white tee and denim outfit?


So Much Love…..



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