A few years ago, I came home from university with short hair. I was trying out the natural look, but that was because I had been too ambitious and cut my hair into a little bob of sorts. We all know how that went (rolls eyes). Anyways, my father informed me that we were going to town in the afternoon for some grocery shopping. Nothing new, I just wrote down the snacks I wanted. By the time we had to go, my father looked at me and asked me why I had not combed my hair!


I had to let him know that it was never in my plans…he simply looked at me and told me he was not going to walk around town with me like that!! 

He left and I stayed at home. LOL.

I think back to that incident, pretty brave of me you would think. The next weekend I went and got some extensions. I think I felt like the natural hair thing was not working for me. It was always dry anyways! About 4 years later, I am doing the natural look again and we get to drive around and my father is okay with it. Even I am more confident about it.



We love giving each other advice about hair growth and keeping it natural but sometimes, in reality, people aren’t so into it. Here are some of the things that happen to me when I walk around Harare.

  1.  For some weird reason, men just call me “Dread” or “Rasta” when I walk around. My hair is not in any way twisted or crocheted, but they just assume that’s the route I am going!
  2. Each time I pass by a salon, women forever ask me if I want to be plaited. “Sisi toruka here musoro?” I mean I understand people are trying to make ends meet, but don’t just assume my hair needs help! I am fine really!!
  3. Somehow, wearing my natural hair makes me more of an African Queen, raw beauty …and don’t forget…I am dark skinned. (Rolls eyes) Full package. I AM A QUEEN! But my hair doesn’t make me more African than the lady next to me with an 18-inch Brazilian wig. Hell, I could even be more high maintenance than her really….you will never know until you ask my boyfriend!

These things do happen to me on a regular!

And on some occasions, you get other women that appreciate good hair and ask what I use in my routine. HAHA! The looks are always priceless when I tell them is shampoo and leave in conditioner only! Keep it simple honey…

We could really do complicated, but A Girl Has No Time.

4 years ago, I would not have been able to handle the criticism about my hair, but my self-love journey has been so great that I love my crown. It might not be like the next person’s or any longer than someone else’s, but I just love it.

I just thought I should share these things that happen to me!

I will be sharing the products that I use for my hair in the next hair post and I am excited about that!

What have been some of your experiences with Natural Hair, let’s share and have a laugh in the comment section.

P.S: My cousin Tsungi takes the best photos hey!

So Much Love…




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