Yes, you read that title correctly, I am now the proud owner of an online thrift store called Shop Efuru. I have had this idea since I was in undergrad, but somehow I just wasn’t ready. Being back in Zimbabwe made all the difference I guess, and 2K19 we are in business. When you meet me in the street, please address me as Miss Entrepreneur! Haha Kidding! It’s still Elsie.


It’s really no secret that I have loved thrifting for the longest time. I just thought it was time we made thrifting even cooler in Zimbabwe. The beauty is the concept is that it saves my clients time and energy, in simple terms, it’s all about convenience. I basically go through heaps of clothes looking for quality pieces, I clean them up and package to ship. All you do is do the Eco-cash thing on my site (or however other methods of payment you use) and you get it delivered to you.

Clever and easy isn’t it?


Opening the store for me was more of a project, it was a challenge I set for myself to become not just a young woman with ideas, but a doer and a finisher. Most people ask me about the significance of the name, Efuru means daughter of heaven and I have been using that name for the past 3 years. It only seemed right for me to use is a brand name for the store.


Here are some answers to questions that people ask me after they visit my site:

  • How come there is only one of each item? Well, that is the beauty of the shop, you get to exclusively own something that is not on a rail with 50 other look-alikes.
  • How come you only cater to women? I do cater for men as well, just not online. I do take orders and find pieces for the guys too. It’s easier to sell to just women online because I already have an eye for it.
  • Do you think people in Zimbabwe really understand or trust online shopping?¬† It’s not as common as it is in other countries, but people are now comfortable buying items on Instagram stores and on Facebook groups. So we are slowly getting to the whole online shopping thing.

The online store is available HERE

Do check it out and pick out an item or two! If you have more questions, pop them in the comment section and I will happily address them.

My Outfit

So this dress is part of my current collection. I love the linen kind of material it has and the design at the bottom. It’s pretty cool for a chilled afternoon event.


I paired it with some kitten heels from JET in the color mustard. Got these last month and it was love at first sight. Recently I had been wanting a new pair of stylish black shades, I have kinda shifted from the brown and quite happy with black.

It gives me so much pride to say I got the pair of shades for half the price. My bargaining skills have really grown, thanks to my work colleague for teaching me how to do it in the streets.

SO what do you guys think of this look?? Let me know in the comment section hey!

So Much Love…



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