Being back home, one of the things I set my mind to do was to travel and explore what my country Zimbabwe has to offer. Bushman Rock had so much to offer and so I decided to visit the place.

A mere 40km from the Harare city center, it’s a truly unique experience combining the best of Africa in one location; wine, weddings, wildlife, polo, and great hospitality.

Firstly, I wanted to see the wildlife because I realized at my age, I had never had that safari experience.  I would just day-dream about Zebras and Girrafes in my spare time. It took me a week to plan this trip with a friend and we had to handpick the activities we wanted to take part in.

At Bushman Rock, the activities start at around 10 am and you can spend the whole day there. We chose wine-tasting, lunch, and a game drive.

It was everything I hoped it would be, just that the weather switched-up and all of a sudden it was cold! Imagine being in the wild, with no jersey and it gets freezing cold!

Wine Tasting

Our guide took us around the wine farms showing us the different types of wines the vines produce. Because it was in June the vine leaves were dry and there was not much green.

Bushman rock has the oldest vineyards dating from  60 years back, there even have a wine press from back then! I found that very fascinating.

We then went through the wine processing steps from when the grapes are harvested, pressed and stored for fermentation. The tasting process was also interesting, I always thought I was holding my glass correctly, but NO, I had to learn the right way. Also, barrel wine and container wine are different in taste (eyes open wide), I had no idea hey.

Game Drive


This was my first time on a game drive and the first animals were the Zebras! My friends know I had been so keen to see Zebras! It was freezing cold, but I couldn’t be bothered, I was finally in the wild seeing the animals.

I got so close to Zebras and I could not believe it, I just want to thank the people that went on the drive with me because I kept asking for photos. I am sure at some point it was annoying (hides face).

They have Zebras (of course), giraffes, ostriches, buffalos, eland and a wide variety of birds.


Can you spot the giraffe?

It was a beautiful Sunday being out of town and experiencing the wild as well as history in the wine business. If you want an experience out of town to relax and be in touch with nature, then Bushman Rock should be your destination. Their packages are quite reasonable compared to other game reserves.

Now the plan is to travel around Zimbabwe and see more places. Which places have you been to? Do share in the comment section so your girl can also experience them.

By the way, my outfit is from my online store, let me know in the comment section if you would like similar items.

So Much Love….


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6 thoughts on “The Bushman Rock Experience”

  1. Wow!
    had a similar experience at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge 90km of the city of Harare. I love that animals are kept in their natural state and move so freely amongst visitors esp the giraffes 😉 there. The prices are good but a bit inflated for the drinks especially now with the local currency. Glad you enjoyed your trip! definitely visiting for the wine tasting.

    1. So each activity is 10usd sis! You need to go just be out in the wild, you would be bomb at creating content there as well.

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