When I started this blog, I would always take photos I heels and never dared to put on flats. Over some time I found it unrealistic because half the time I am always dressed down! I like looking all casual, but I always make sure it’s all put together and coordinated to fit my style and of course… Classy.

I have had a couple of questions about how I do it and I have decided to share some tips in this post.

I went to Little Paris with my partner a few weeks back and my plan was to just be comfortable and warm because wow… It was freezing!

My look consisted of a white Tee, a sweater, a pair of Levi’s jeans, sneakers and my handbag.

Looks so put together, doesn’t it?

Depending on your style, there are a couple of,  items you need to pay attention when putting together a look. You might not be a sneakerhead and be more of a flat sandals person, you can just apply the following point to your personal taste.


Invest in a good pair of jeans!

I practically live in denim and that means every other month I’m getting 1 or 2 new pairs. There is nothing that makes a casual look spot on like a good pair of jeans! When denim looks tired, too ripped or washy it sometimes gets hard to put an outfit that looks really good.

I’m not saying it’s impossible… But you’d have to put in more effort. I find dark wash denim like this one easy to work with.

Clean Sneakers For the Win

Often times when people dress down, they opt for sneakers. It’s easy to look classy with a clean pair. I own these white ones and they only come out once in a while because I am not a fan of cleaning them all the time. What you need to do is to invest in good quality comfy shoes and they will make quiet statements on behalf of your outfits.


So I know I speak for many when I say dress down days also include a bare face. You kind of what to slap on some oil and maybe if you are up of it some bb cream. For days like that, a good pair of shades simply takes you from that 10 you are to maybe like a 15. This¬† is my “don’t mess with me” pair of sunnies, looks simple but classy


It’s quite simple to look casual and classy at the same time. You just need really good pieces from your closet to put together and you will still be stunning in sneakers.

Speaking of stunning, the yellow sweater looked so stunning and I decided to go for a bright color which I don’t usually do. I showed one of the photos to my sister and she quickly bought it from me, I guess I model well for my own line.

Let me know how you always manage to look casual and classy and we share some gems! The comment section is open for that and more engagement.

Have a productive week ahead, and remember…stay classy and put together.


So Much Love…




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