For the past couple of days, the internet has been going crazy over  Beyonce’ , the Lion King soundtrack and her latest visuals. I listened to Spirit and I was in awe of the video- stunning visuals! Today I  listened to Brown Skin Girl and I was so moved. For a girl like me, that song just means so much and I know a few people can relate.

This blog post is a dedication to one special girl named Ashley. 

So it’s not a secret that growing up I had a hard time loving my skin. It could have never been easy when everyone around me either laughed or made fun of me in class. The one thing that I had was a brain, it was the one thing I knew I could compete with. Had to work so hard…if I was going to be “that dark girl” then I had to be very intelligent and always come first in class!

I won’t go into detail about the bullying in high school, but as a result, I hated photos. Whenever people took photos id shy away…I was just too dark and everyone else was the right color.

I look back to that 15-year-old beautiful girl and I am really sorry she had to go through all that. She did not know how beautiful she was. All she wanted was to be light in complexion.

Oh, have you looked in the mirror lately? (Lately)
Wish you could trade eyes with me (Because)
There are complexities in complexion
But your skin, it glows like diamonds
Dig me like the earth, you be giving birth
Took everything in life, baby, know your worth
I love everything about you, from your nappy curls
To every single curve, your body natural

Same skin that was broken be the same skin takin’ over
Most things out of focus, view
But when you’re in the room, they notice you (Notice you)
‘Cause you’re beautiful
Yeah, you’re beautiful

Years later, after accepting my brown skin, I am no longer that girl with just the brain and in the habit of running away from the camera. I make it a point to take photos whenever I can.

Uuuum, hit me up if you would like some vintage denim like this one!I am Elsie, the dark-skinned, confident, intelligent young woman who is passionate about women loving the skin they are in.

Being confident in how you look not only makes the glances at the mirror pleasant, but you become whole and go for all the things you can imagine in life. I always get people telling me how my work inspires them to love their skin and be brave. It means so much to me and I can never get used to those compliments.

I am so glad to be part of a generation that now embraces all skin colors and on the way to accepting all body shapes.  We now live in a generation where brands are open to creating makeup shades that are inclusive, we have the little mermaid being played by a black girl. Wakanda is now a place in young children minds where Nakia and Okoye are the same shade as me!

Wow! What a time to be alive!

This song by Beyonce’ means so much to me, I do wish I had heard it when I was bit younger, but better late than never.

It brings me so much joy knowing 10-year-old girl somewhere is listening to Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce’ taking in every lyric that speaks to her skin. She will grow up loving herself, chasing her dreams and being confident enough to stand or sit on tables I couldn’t when I was her age simply because I thought I was too dark.

Them men, them gon’ fall in love with you and all of your glory
Your skin is not only dark, it shines and it tells your story
Keep dancin’, they can’t control you
They watchin’, they all adore you
If ever you are in doubt, remember what mama told you

So if you are reading this brown skin girl, always know that you are worthy of all things beautiful. Love the color of your skin because it’s everything. Don’t let anyone make you feel any less beautiful, validate yourself! That’s all that matters really! Once you do that, you will see how more beautiful can be, how the sun will shine brighter and each step you take has more purpose.

I would like to fully state right now that I am a Beyonce’ stan. You can put that on record.

Oh and you can listen to the song HERE!

I hope this post will brighten someone’s day somewhere.

So Much Love…


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  1. Thank you so much Elsie! This means so much to me. ❤️ I hope it can change many lives and help more girls to appreciate themselves and who they are. ??

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