I will be honest and admit that my winter wardrobe was a mess and I’m glad the worst is over. For some reason, I thought I did not need warm clothes…..yea…I know. So dum!

Long story short, it got to a point where I was forever in the same jersey at work (wasn’t even warm + my body doesn’t really like wool), I’m sure people were looking at me weird. Had to get my life together and get a proper wardrobe for the season around mid-June.

I am proud to announce that I have so many sweaters and jerseys to last me the 2020 winter as well.

In a collection, there will always be a jewel, and this brown coat was it! It was my signature winter item and it fit perfectly with my outfits. They just looked cooler after this coat! I remember a random person texting me “That was a very nice coat, saw you walking on the other side of the road!”

The good thing about this piece was the fit and length. I could literally layer up and still fit into this coat.

This blog post is for me to be more accountable in the next winter season by being organized and also sharing with you a timeless for a winter closet.


  • Try your best to shop for winter basics offseason.

    For example, in most shops, winter stock is now on sale.

When I look at the amount of stuff I bought this winter, had I done it earlier, my spend would have been way less. So as an intelligent and coint wise young woman, I am going to find some really good boots for next winter this weekend. Yes, this Saturday I am buying a pair of boots!

I understand that for others, this might not work as they would like the latest trend of boots or winter pieces and you can only get those in season. Personally, I am more of a classics person and this helps me a lot when it comes to purchases. I get the leather jacket, the pair of boots, the camel coat, a duster, black turtle neck, and more timeless stuff! Easy to find if you know the quality and cuts you like!

Do share how this winter season was for you and some items you wore all the time.

So Much Love…



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