I ran out of my favorite Wet N Wild lipgloss. It’s probably the only lip stuff I have managed to use from start to finish without losing it. 2 years straight! Ever since I started using that gloss, I took a break on color on my lips. The excuse was that I preferred the natural look & that it suited me better. Last weekend I went to Clicks hoping to get a refill but they had no stock! Oh my GOSH!! How could they not have stock? That’s my favorite!! I had no choice but to buy something else….to be bold, step out of my comfort zone and to try something new.

My first red lip stain was from Charlene Hall back when I was in A-level. She just gave it to me, I’d use it here and there because I wasn’t so confident. It was my PERFECT RED, but somehow in between relocating I lost it and for more than 6 years…there hasn’t been a red that I felt confident in.

I finally found the perfect one in April from the Milani brand.

Oh My word!!

The pigment, feel on the lips and the compliment to my dark skin is just everything.

My perfect Red Lip by Milani.

The problem was me not being bold enough to rock it.

I did some introspection and realized that the same way I felt about the lip stain is the same way I have been living for a couple of months.

In my quest to do more and chase my dreams, I have just been scared.

I have been scared to go out there and look for more, scared to knock on some doors and scared to ask for seats at some tables.

Yes! A whole me being scared of being bold and going for so MUCH more. Last night in my thoughts, I felt so moved to do better in everything. I know I am capable, but sometimes we all get that voice that says “what if it doesn’t work?”

A lot of times, we get doors opening in front of us, instead of walking through them, we hesitate and stand still till the door even closes. We just don’t feel bold and confident enough to go for it. We feel maybe we arent just qualified enough.

Zim fashion blogger

In the #TBWAZimGirlsRock 3rd session, one of our mentors said: “Fake it till you make it!”  

That statement has been on my mind for a while now….

You don’t have to know everything about a job or an opportunity, what matters is taking the first step and learning. Learn on the job, learn throughout the opportunity. Don’t waste time thinking you can’t DO IT!

I found my PERFECT RED, and I am now bold enough to rock it.

Find yours!

It might take time…but find it. After that, Get it Together, be Bold and Rock it.

I hope this post inspires someone reading it to find their passion and go for it!

PS: I am going to be doing a lot of color on my lips from now on.

So Much Love…


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