Happy Spring! The sun is almost in full swing, parks are becoming the in thing and playful patterns like the polka -dots are back in style. Today I am sharing with you my latest outfit, which of course includes the polka dots!

Polka dots are that thing that easily gives your look some character. There are so many things you can go for like dresses, pants, shoes, and accessories. For this season, I want to be more experimental with my tops and blouses. Over time I realized that I usually go for plain colors, either black or white and it becomes quite boring. Patterns are now the plan, but we ease into it slowly.

For this particular look, I paired my box polka dot shirt with a pair of blue jeans. Since its a bit warmer outside, I wore my black slide. A chilled look that doesn’t look too complicated or planned.


I am proud to say that my whole outfit is from my store  Shop Efuru . The shoes, however, are from Mr. Price.

Black flats that I think will last me quite a while because they are comfortable.

If you remember my post about my hair I talked about the disrespect in the streets towards us women with natural hair. I would like to let you all know that with the new faux locs on my head, the Copacabana people have finally put some respect on my name. I no longer get bombarded with men and women saying, “Sista toruka here??!” (Sister can we plait your hair?). LOL

Wishing you all a happy month full of joy, productivity, and dreams coming true!


So Much Love…


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