So the sun is out again on like a full-time basis and the coats and heavy blankets have been packed away! We say hello Sunshine! Technically summer starts in December, but who are we kidding really, if the weather is warm, we can rock shorts! This the second part of my Tiwi’s closet series, a vintage store that sells awesome pieces that speak to us ladies that want to be distinct in style.

If you read my part one with Tiwi’s closet then you will know she was gracious enough to send me a few items to wear and give feedback. The one thing I had been dying for was vintage denim shorts, the perfectly fitting ones with a high waist. I was so excited when she told me she had them in her closet.

I went out for ice cream the other weekend and thought it was a perfect time to rock them! I paired them with my monochrome box shirt and a pair of sandals. Pretty simple and comfy which is always the goal.

Favorite part of these shorts is that they sit well but not too tight on my body.

These shorts can be worn any way you like depending on your style. You can opt for a tank to go with it, a sweater if the weather permits or even an off-shoulder top that you fancy.

The key to pulling vintage styled items is to mix up with something modern! For example, you can rock a vintage shirt with a nice fitting pair of skinnies and nice pair of heels. If you notice, I paired my vintage shorts with cute shirt and sandals. That way, you give your vintage the space to shine and grab attention

There is space for everyone!

I know someone might be wondering whether this might not be a conflict of interest, Tiwi has a thrift store and well, Elsie also has one! I even sell the exact same shorts in my collection as per order as well.

Let me take you to church a bit…..

The thing is, sharing information or expertise won’t take anything away from your skills and what you offer. For example, I am sharing what Tiwi’s closet has to offer, and I offer the same. The catch is, we probably do not have the same customers, she is in Swazi and I am in Zimbabwe. If she was in Zimbabwe, I would have still shared about her collection because it is empowering to share information and there is more power in collaboration.

This does not only apply to business but maybe as a reader, you might be a student and most of the time you aren’t open to giving people special notes & explaining certain topics. Not to say there is anything wrong with you, but it’s okay to share. It’s okay to share knowledge, share a friend’s business or share your expertise with those that need it.

Because in all truth, there is space for everyone! Enough light for all of us to shine.


Shorts – Tiwi’s Closet

Shirt – Shop Efuru   (My online thrift store)

Sandals – MRP


If you are reading this, you really need to check out what Tiwi’s closet , she does bomb styling with her pieces too.

So Much Love….


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  1. I love theeeeee blog post. Gurl now I want to rock shorts like I am spongebob squarepants. It was a great read. Can we talk about that melanin glow? or that badass teee after? ln case you can’t tell I loved the post

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