Growing up, I always struggled with my sinuses and a lot of scents did not resonate with me. On many occasions, I would buy a spray  but I’d eventually give it away simply because I could not stand it. At some point, I could only dove roll on because it was the one scent that did not give me headaches. I still use it even today!

In this post, I am going to be giving some tips on how to find the perfect scent.

As you might have guessed, I am now putting this post together because I finally found how to use perfumes without struggling with the scents or the headaches.

First things first…

  1. You need to figure out the type of scents you like.                                                     There are several types, you get the woody scents, floral scents, oriental scents, spicy scents, oceanic scents, and fruity scents. These all smell differently and appeal to each individual differently. From personal experience, I know I do not like strong scents because they give me headaches. I am more of a fruity and floral scent type of a girl because I like smelling clean, fresh & sweet and these type of scents do it for me. This discovery, however, took some time, I had to experience the other scents to know I did not like them.

The first scent I loved was the DKNY Be Delicious, I remember my dad buying it for me in high school and it was just everything. That was the scent that set the standard of how I always wanted to smell, clean, fresh, fruity and expensive.

2. Casually go fragrance testing

Yes, just like wine tasting, you just need to pop into a cosmetic store and try out scents. In stores like Edgars, they have attendants that can actually help you figure the best scent for your preference and your pocket as well. A lot of people always complain that it becomes difficult smelling more than 3 things and still finding the right scent. The trick is COFFEE BEANS! Yup! You read correctly, whenever you are testing out scents the shop should have coffee beans that you smell after each fragrance. The beans erase the previous scent and prepare you to smell something completely different and have an appreciation for it.

Currently I am using the Monte Blanc Lady Emblem scent . It smells just right and I have been enjoying it as you can see I decided to share some tips.

So now you have got your scent, how do you apply it? Ever met those kind of women who nomatter what time you meet them they smell nice? That could be you too….

  1.  It’s pretty obvious but you need to take a bath. The temperatures are now warmer and nothing, I repeat NOTHING, can replace a bath, guys!
  2. Moisturise, scents cling better to oily skin. I usually apply a bit of vaseline on my wrists and then spray my perfume to make it last longer.
  3. Know the correct spots to spray: your pulse points, inside the elbows, behind your ears, behind the knees & on your neck
  4. Do not rub your wrists after you are done the spraying. Just let it dry
  5. Storage of the perfumes is also important. Make sure them in a cool dark place as opposed to harsh and direct sunlight

I hope this is helpful if you are still trying to figure out which perfume you like, or if you wanted to know how you can make your scent last longer!

Here’s to smelling AMAZING!

So Much Love…


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