If you are an avid Pinterest user like me then you would have come across an amazing photo of Asiyami Gold holding a watermelon piece and sitting on a picnic rug. That is the photo Denise sent to me and convinced me to go on a picnic with her! It was a first for me and I was so excited for watermelon, I am not even sure why, but I really wanted it.


The venue was Harare Botanical gardens and surprisingly it was about 3rtgs per adult (if I remember correctly), it was not full either so we had a great choice for setting up. We settled for a leafy area under a tree for aesthetics. Content creators, I know right?

We shared a couple of snacks and fruit but mostly great conversation and photos of course.

My Look


I am a lover of all things stripes and I picked out a simple blue and white dress. Pretty detail in the back leaving a bit of skin, it was a rather warm day and the open back came in handy. The dress is from my shop of course so you can DM to order.

I paired it with a pair of slides in the color gold, but you don’t really see them because we did not want to make the white cloth dirty. Our efforts did not work anyway because in the end, we spilled apple juice all over it and it was pretty much over!

I posted the picnic images on my Instagram and status, the response was really good. Most people wanted to know how I found the venue and apparently I achieved the cool and bougie status.

LOL, it was just a picnic and anyone can do it too. I also decided to use this post to tell you how to do it as well.

So you want to have a picnic too?

Well here is what you need:

  • A location, so this can be in your yard, or if you like things like Denise and I, you could find a venue
  • Comfortable outfits, you will be sitting on the ground and so you don’t need to be wearing tight stuff in which you would struggle to be comfy in
  • Food & drinks! What is a picnic without food?? What would be the point even? Lol. SO …my suggestions would be some fruit, juice, biltong, donuts, crisps, etc. I am not really a fan of heavy foods, so depending on your preference, you can decide what to have.
  • You need some glassware, plates, a basket to put your food in and a cloth to sit on
  • You also need to capture the moments so maybe just a phone, or a camera if you have one
  • Company! Either a group of friends or you and another person whom you can just relax and have a conversation with!

That’s it! Nothing too complicated.

Have you had a picnic? What was your experience like?

If you haven’t yet, do let me know if my tips were helpful in the comment section below!


So Much Love…


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