2019 was one for the books! I almost didn’t get to writing this blog post but I am glad this one came to life.

I started the year without a job, back home and wondering what the year had in store for me. I remember spending most of my days visualizing what the year would be like and where I would end up. It’s safe to say that it turned out even better than I imagined.

In my happy state of mind….

I haven’t been this happy in a while, but 2019 came with so much happiness and abundance stemming from very little things.

Professionally I grew so much and got to sit on tables and in meetings, I never thought were possible at my age. I got to work in an environment with female trailblazers who are always out to get it. It was not the easiest to work, but it was fulfilling knowing that I am capable of running things! 2020 can only be better.


It’s also no secret that I decided to do thrifting on a bigger scale with my online thrift store. It was one of my major highlights for the year and one I never take for granted. At some point during the year, I wanted to give up but I am glad I did not. I remember messing up orders the other day and feeling like a failure, but I remember my friends being supportive and teaching me to be strong and willing to learn as the business grows.

At the start of the year, I decided I would work on my relationships and also do an audit. I gave my all for the important aspects and when I look at the work I put in being a good sister, aunt, friend, daughter, and partner…I am humbled by it all.

Of course, there were some friendships I felt had expired and in 2019 I learned to let them go and to be okay with that as well. I also gained for fulfilling relationships, friends and acquaintances that have been such a blessing in my personal and professional life.

So what were the takeouts?

Your life goes where your mouth and your mind have been.

Our lives follow what we think and what we say, it’s as simple as that! There was so much I wanted and spoke over my life! I am so happy it manifested and 2020 will even be better!

At some point, you have to take a break and rest.

For the last half of the year, I gave it my all and worked extremely hard. I would be at home on my laptop at night trying to put stuff together… which of course really annoyed my aunt as she belives work should stay at the office. There is nothing I would really regret because it all taught me something new and opened my eyes to what I need to do better in life.

I wish you all a lovely 2020. It will be a year of breaking boundaries, financial abundance, love, happiness and so much more!

So Much Love,


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